About Us

Welcome to Guilty Pleasures Organics. We are proud to be part of a world movement looking for better ways to live healthful, meaningful lives. We are thrilled to offer you our incredible organic juice for e-cigarettes with our one of a kind Happy Lungs™ herbal formula. This is what sets us apart from all the other e-cigarette juices.

Our juice is made of a proprietary blend of organic herbs in pure kosher glycerin derived from palm trees. The recipe for our "happy lungs" formula was created by an expert in the fields of herbal and naturopathic medicine.

The combination of herbs we have formulated has been used for hundreds of years for lung health. They were chosen carefully for their calming effect, and lung health support. Together, these herbs work synergistically to create an enjoyable, healthful experience. Our juice does not contain any propylene glycol, alcohol or any artificial ingredients. Our product is proudly manufactured in the United States of America following the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) as set forth by the FDA.

We are based in beautiful Coeur d' Alene Idaho, and our manufacturing plant is in Sedona Arizona. Guilty Pleasures Organics was started out of the desire to create an e-liquid that would be safe to use, organic, and support lung health.

Having quit smoking with an e-cigarette after years of trying everything from patches to gum, our CEO Judy, started researching e-liquids. What she found was shocking! Most of the e-liquids were from out of the country with no labeling as to the ingredients. They contained sugars, alcohol, chemicals and propylene glycol which made her eyes dry and swollen.

There were a handful of very reputable companies doing responsible business. Judy believed then, as she does now, that the e-cigarette will prove to be one of the life changing inventions of the past decade. She also believed that she would possibly use the device for the rest of her life in place of smoking.

Judy saw a need to create an e-cigarette juice for herself, as well as others, that we could feel good about using. Over the next few months, she worked with experts in the fields of herbal and naturopathic medicine. The result is a proprietary formula that works synergistically to soothe addictive cravings while supporting lung health.

Our goals remain much the same today; to continue to offer you "The Organic Choice in e-cigarette Juice."